Porcelain fused to Precious Metal

Captek™ PFMs

Captek™ PFMsCaptek™ restorations offer vitality, strength and biocompatibility for your restorative casework. Ceramic is fused to the Captek 22 karat gold understructure, providing a warm, lifelike appearance at the gingival margin.

porcelain fused to captek1

Biocompatible and corrosion resistant due to its composition of 84.5 percent gold and 9 percent platinum group metals, Captek will not oxidize and no toxic or allergic reaction will occur with soft tissue.Captek also exhibits less bacterial accumulation than conventional and full-coverage PFMs.

Thanks to the new and improved Captek Nano material, Captek now offers 33 percent more density and strength. The material's capillary attraction technology produces exceptionally strong porcelain understructures that outperform the resistance to fracture of conventionally cast metals.

Full-Cast Gold Restorations

Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. The lab has eliminated price variations due to crown size, giving you price predictability. And we extend that flat rate pricing to you for all of our full-cast gold products: Nobel-Cast 42™, Noble-Cast 45™, Noble-Cast 60™, Noble-Cast 67™, OcclusalGold™, JRVT®, white high noble and white noble restorations.

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Each yellow gold alloy meets ADA specifications for either "noble gold" or "high noble gold" and exhibits a beautiful, rich color. Nobel-Cast 42, Noble-Cast 45, Noble-Cast 60 and Noble-Cast 67 are indicated for crowns or 3-unit bridges, with Noble-Cast 45 remaining our most cost-effective and popular full-cast gold restoration. Prescribe white noble, white high noble or OcclusalGold in combination with porcelain fused to metal bridges. Or choose JRVT for inlays, onlays and single-unit crowns. In addition to our competitive price, we offer a quick four-day turnaround on each of our full-cast gold restorations.

Occlusal Gold

Occlusal GoldOcclusalGold™ is a versatile restoration that can be prescribed for PFM or full-cast indications. Containing 82 percent noble metal (73.8 percent gold and 9 percent platinum), OcclusalGold allows you to prescribe just one alloy for all indications. Use of a single alloy prevents galvanic reactions and ensures biocompatibility.

Full-cast OcclusalGold YHN is indicated for single-unit posterior crowns & bridges, inlays, onlays, implant super-substructures and precision attachments. Choose OcclusalGold PFMs for anterior or posterior multiple-unit full-coverage ceramic crowns & bridges. For PFM restorations, the hydrothermal ceramic is easily polished chairside with standard rubber wheels. The improved surface smoothness reduces plaque build-up and opposing wear, while the warm gold color prevents dark lines at the gingival margins.